Here are a few more - Quick Easter Eggs (hidden programs within programs you already own).
You'll find lots more hidden around my site like the flight simulator hidden in Excel 97/2000 which will blow you away.
And remember, many of my Eggs are actually helpful hints and tricks like how to use two monitors with your computer for less than $50 or how to use Ctrl-C /Ctrl-V to copy and paste just about anywhere in Windows.
You'll save hours and be able to copy things like URLs where you couldn't before. Plus using Ctrl-A to 'select all' is a real time saver. Try it now and see what happens. (Mac users it's the Apple/Command Button.)
But below, are a few quick fun eggs (that fit in this little pop-up box) so enjoy and look for the really exciting eggs as you surf my site, that will enhance your enjoyment and your productivity.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
See the hidden 'Developers' and have fun along the way.
OK, Here's How To Do It: 1) Click Help-About. 2) You'll see the Microsoft E in the upper right. 3) Hold down the Ctrl Key and click on the Microsoft E.
You can drag it just about anywhere. This is actually a kick. 4) OK, you have to drag it like I've shown above with my red chalk line so that it goes through the globe and comes back and hits the writing in the middle (it's already gone in my picture).
5) Just click the hidden Unlock button and you'll see a scrolling list of all the people who worked on this product. Wow, there are a lot of them. There are some cute things near the end, but the real fun of this egg is getting there.

Netscape Navigator Users.
Launch Netscape. Click Ctrl-Alt-F at the same time. You'll visit the Live Fishcam. And if you like that, wait till you see my SCUBA pictures on the What's Drew Been Doing Page of my site.

FreeCell Anyone?
While You are playing FreeCell you can enter Ctrl-shift-F10 and you'll get a pop-up box. Choose Abort, to win, Retry to lose, or Cancel to continue playing.
Note: After you make your choice you have to move 1 card for the action to work. BTW, it's not nice to set it up to lose and then ask a friend to play.
Want to see if all the cards are really there? Start a new game by selecting Select Game (F3). Enter game -1(yes I mean minus one) to separate all the even cards from the odd cards by suit.
Or Enter -2, to have the cards listed Ace high by suit. It's just cute. I can't win either of these.
OK, I'm out of space and out of time. Check out the really great USEFUL eggs hidden around the site. You'll find lots of exciting tips, tricks and hints, plus lots of fun too.


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